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A youthful eyebrow frames your eyes and face in an ideal way. It creates the foundation of a strong facial structure and gives you a more vibrant appearance. Have you examined your eyes lately? Have you taken a look at your facial shape?

A youthful eyebrow has fullness under the skin along the upper rim, and arcs above the rim towards the sides. But with age, the eyebrow and lid can look a bit deflated and have a hollowed appearance. Is your brow drooping? Is it lacking that feminine arch? Are “worry lines” troubling you? A browlift may help! Schedule a consultation by calling 303.744.2300.

Enhance Your Browlift
Laser resurfacing is a procedure that is often coupled with browlifts, as it helps to further rejuvenate the forehead tissues and remove wrinkling. Laser resurfacing uses a laser to send high-energy pulses of light that are absorbed by the skin. The heat from the light helps to turnover the old skin cells, which leads to the regrowth of new skin, and ultimately, a rejuvenated glow.

At FacesFirst, an endoscopic browlift is one of our most popular ways to address drooping brows. This procedure uses an endoscope to reposition or remove underlying muscle and tissue, is done using smaller incisions in the. The browlift procedure repositions the eyebrows and relaxes the frowning muscle, creating a younger and smoother look. The advantage of this surgery is that small incisions allow you to heal very quickly with a minimal amount of discomfort.

Dr. Picerno and Dr. Cote are experts in facial cosmetic surgery and they hide incisions well in the hair, so incisions are not detectable. No hair has to be cut or shaved. After all, we want people to notice you, not the work you have had done. With over 30 years of combined experience, FacesFirst surgeons know how to provide you with natural-looking, lasting results.

Look like you, but rejuvenated.

A browlift done at FacesFirst, at either of our Denver or Lone Tree locations, helps decrease the excessive muscle movement in the forehead as well as reposition the eyebrows into a more natural position. In some cases, laser resurfacing may be performed simultaneously, or at a later date, to help further rejuvenate the forehead tissues and remove wrinkling.
FacesFirst offers other variations of browlifting, including the coronal browlift, the trichophytic browlift, and the midforehead lift. Schedule your initial consultation and Dr. Picerno or Dr. Cote will help you to decide which technique is best for you. With years of experience, you wouldn’t want to trust your eyebrows to just anyone.

Frame your face and make your facial features stand out for all the right reasons. Call us today at 303.744.2300.

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