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Cheek & Chin Implants

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Facial beauty is determined by so many factors. What is important to you? Do you want more defined cheekbones? Or do you want a stronger jawline? At FacesFirst, we understand that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and we enjoy working with patients to create their ideal facial shape through cheek and chin implants.

Your cheeks and chin help to frame your face, and at FacesFirst’s offices in Denver and Lone Tree, we offer cheek and chin implants that can give you a youthful and balanced appearance.

Add definition. Look vibrant. Feel confident.

Dr. Picerno and Dr. Cote have over 30 years of combined experience helping patients achieve natural-looking results in the cheek and chin areas. With precision care, they can create balance and symmetry, and significantly enhance your facial structure. They are skilled surgeons who keep your natural-looking beauty intact, so that people notice a rejuvenated you, not the surgical work you have had done.

Facial surgery is a delicate procedure. We invite you to get to know us and visit our Denver or Lone Tree surgical centers. We are available to answer any of your questions regarding cheek and chin implants. Schedule an initial consultation by calling our office at 303.744.2300.

What are other ways to enhance your cheeks and chin?

  • Facial Fillers: Injectables such as Restylane®, Juvederm®, Radiesse® and Sculptra® are simple, outpatient procedures with almost no downtime. These fillers can safely and instantly transform you cheeks and mid-face, with results lasting up to two years!
  • Liposculpture (Fat Transfer): Restore significant amounts of lost volume using your own tissue. This outpatient procedure has enormous popularity due to its safety and potentially long-lasting results. We often combine this with other surgical procedures such as necklift and eyelifts.
  • Ultherapy: This is a single non-invasive treatment with no downtime and no needles. It uses ultrasound to lift and tighten the tissues around the jawline and neck. Ultherapy is great for people with mild to moderate laxity who either don’t need or don’t want a facelift, browlift or necklift.
  • Liposuction: This procedure will selectively remove the fatty tissues under the chin and jawline to help give it definition. This can be an excellent complement to another procedure such as an implant or facelift.
  • Facelift techniques: A facelift is a procedure that is specifically suited to your needs and can be designed to correct the laxity of tissues in your face. The Weekend Facelift can correct some moderate laxity in the cheeks and jawline, a necklift can correct sagginess in the neck, and full facelift is often appropriate for more severe levels of laxity and can address all areas of the face.

Your cheeks are what frame the central part of your face, and their shape and size have a huge effect on your facial appearance. Your cheekbones establish symmetry, balance and definition in your appearance, which is exactly what we can help you to achieve. At FacesFirst, we are facial plastic surgery experts working with you to achieve a naturally beautiful look. This is your face – trust it to trained hands.

Cheek implants are an excellent choice for people who want permanent results that can be exceptionally consistent. It is a safe, office procedure and is even reversible. Implants are placed through a small incision under the upper lip to fill out the mid-face region, and create a more defined, youthful shape to the face.

Your jawbone and chin are what frame the lower part of your face. A strong, straight jawline can add a sense of youthfulness that can really define your facial structure and bring balance to the face. Patients of all ages may consider adding definition to their chin and jawline to achieve a better balance of beauty.

Adding definition with a chin implant or mandibular implant may be an excellent option for those who want a permanent solution that will give them the jawline they have always wanted. A small chin can make a nose look bigger, and a chin implant is a great way to correct this. A narrow face is also improved with a mandible implant. This is a short surgical procedure with minimal downtime. If your neck sagging is what is bothering you the most, frequently a chin implant will instantly correct facial proportions and improve the neck line as well.

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