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At FacesFirst, we know how delicate the face is, and we know how important it is to our patients. Your face is the first thing people see. It is the first impression you make. It is what people remember.

And it goes beyond appearances. Your face represents you and your personality, and it should exude the same level of confidence on the outside that you feel on the inside. Confidence in how you look, in the treatment you are receiving and in the doctors who are caring for you.

At FacesFirst, we are a facial cosmetic surgery center with offices specializing in facelifts in Denver and Lone Tree, Colorado. We are experts in creating natural-looking facial beauty that allows patients to trust in their treatment and, more importantly, their results. Our experienced cosmetic surgeons, Dr. Nicolette Picerno and Dr. Christopher Cote, practice precision care that creates a more radiant version of you.

We understand that matters of the face are important decisions, which is why we are available to answer any questions and guide you towards the treatment that makes most sense for you. Schedule an initial consultation to discuss how our facelift procedures can dramatically enhance your appearance by calling our Denver office at 303.744.2300.

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Browse through our Face and Neck Before and After Gallery to see how our different facelift options have helped so many of our patients look rejuvenated, youthful and naturally beautiful.

The Weekend Facelift (also called the mini facelift and the S-lift) is designed to have minimal downtime and less cost. The Weekend Facelift will treat early laxity in the corner of the mouth and jowl area that is too advanced to be treated simply by a mid facelift (cheek lift) procedure alone. It differs from a full facelift in that it does not treat laxity in the neck or the lateral temporal area, but only laxity in the jowl. With a Weekend Facelift, the incisions are hidden in the skin creases and patients are able to resume their normal activity within several days after surgery. For people with early aging changes and an active lifestyle, this procedure can be extremely beneficial. Performed under local anesthesia, the Weekend Facelift takes only about four days from pre-op to recovery. Plus, we use a tumescent solution that results in less bruising and faster recovery. It can also be combined with a mid facelift or forehead lift for maximum rejuvenation and minimal downtime.

Benefits of the Weekend Facelift include:

  • Minimal discomfort
  • Accelerated recovery time – just four days from pre-op to recovery
  • The ability to maintain your active lifestyle
  • Years of lasting facial improvement
  • Reduced cost

Want to know more about the Weekend Facelift and/or other procedures that can improve your facial appearance? Set up a consultation to discuss your options by calling us at 303.744.2300.

A facelift procedure, or rhytidectomy as it is medically called, treats the neck, cheek, jowl, lateral temporal and/or eyebrow area. It gives the ultimate improvement in facial plastic surgery because it addresses all the areas of concern and will reposition tissues into a more normal, natural position. It helps to turn back the clock approximately ten years in most people.

As we age, the almond-shaped face transitions into more of an oval configuration. An oval face goes to a more round shape, and the round goes to a more square shape. The square-shaped face ages the least gracefully because even minimal redundancy is noted immediately. This is why women age more rapidly than men, who have more square-shaped faces to begin with.

In the female patient, incisions are hidden within the skin creases around the ear, going behind the tragus (the small flap of skin immediately in front of the opening to the ear canal). This means there is no incision in front of the ear, which can be a telltale sign of facelift surgery. The incision goes behind the ear and back into the hairline. In the frontal temporal area, the incision extends superiorly into the hairline. Incisions around the ear are closed with dissolvable sutures in multilayers. The hair is not shaved and incisions in the hair bearing tissues are made within hair parts. Small clips are used to allow the patient to shower following surgery. In most cases, a small incision, the size of a pencil, is made in a natural chin crease below the chin. This helps to obtain support and contouring in the neck and submental area.

The surgery can take between three and six hours and you can return to work in 10-14 days. Any major family event or reunion should be scheduled at least one month after this procedure. This long-lasting surgery leaves patients looking ten years younger. Dr. Picerno and Dr. Cote may also recommend laser resurfacing or facial fat transfer to further improve your appearance.

Schedule a consultation today to learn what treatment is right for you! Call us today at 303.744.2300.

Saggy jowls, fat under the chin or visible bands in the neck present obvious signs of aging. Reduce the signs of aging and create a naturally youthful look through a necklift. While the necklift is not a replacement for the facelift, in many cases, 80% of the improvement that a facelift would provide to this area can be achieved with a necklift. Plus, a necklift allows patients to avoid any visible external incisions and has a reduced convalescence or healing time. This technique is especially beneficial in men who want to avoid the pre-auricular incision that is necessary in a male facelift, yet are concerned over laxity of tissue in the neck area.

The necklift procedure uses an incision under the chin and sometimes in the nape of the neck through which the skin is brought up. A necklift requires twilight or general anesthesia.

Learn more about our necklift procedure as well as others that may enhance your facial features by scheduling a consultation with one of our surgeons. Call us today at 303.744.2300.

As we age, a pad of fibrous and adipose tissue over the cheekbone, called the malar fat pad, descends to a lower position in the cheek, and this results in a flattened cheek area and a deepening of the nasolabial fold. This is the fold that commonly runs from the corner of the nose to the corner of the mouth. As the malar pad in the cheek descends, it results in a deepening of this fold and an increase in tissue redundancy in the jowl area. Also known as a cheek lift, this limited-incision procedure can be highly effective in restoring the natural curves and fullness to the lower eyelid and cheek areas by moving the soft tissues and underlying musculature to a more youthful position. Endoscopes are used to enable smaller incisions making this a minimally invasive option for facial rejuvenation.

    Advantages of a mid-face cheek lift include:

  • Minimal swelling and bruising
  • The procedure can be done under “twilight anesthesia” in less than an hour
  • Most patients are able to resume their normal activity within the next 3-7 days

This procedure works best in patients who have good elasticity to the tissues but have displayed early signs of aging and need to have tissues repositioned. Patients who have excess skin as well as sagging of the malar pad can have the mid-face cheek lift procedure performed in conjunction with a facelift or a mini facelift to provide maximum aesthetic enhancement. A cheek lift offers the same natural and long-term results as a facelift does in appropriate patients. The incisions are hidden in the hairline and under the lip, and because the incisions are not visible, this procedure is good for both men and women who have active lifestyles and desire a very minimal convalescence.

To see if a mid-face cheek lift is the right option for you, schedule a consultation with one of our surgeons by calling us today at 303.744.2300.

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